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(Hey guys. Kind of important.)

(Sorry I haven’t been on much lately, I’ve been out of town, visiting family; though I am back home now. But this week is kind of hectic, so I won’t be on much throughout this week, sorry about that.

Though I will be on my new tumblr a bit, putting up some of my art and junk. Over on here.

And really, I want to focus on my art more during the summer, so I can be at a higher level when I do decide to apply for art college/university. So really, I don’t think I’ll be on much during the summer either. I love you all, but tumblr seriously just sucks all the time away, and it has to stop.

So if you guys are even remotely interested, my new tumblr where I will be updating my life and art is right over here.

And don’t worry, all the giveaway art will get done, when I have more time.

I love you all!)

(holy shit it’s party time here.)

(So I can’t really be on. Only came on to tell you guys that I won’t be on today. Though I guess you could already figure that out.)

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put a ★ in my ask



1st gets a hug

2nd gets a kiss

3rd gets a french kiss

4th gets a small feel up

5th gets a sexual favor

6th owns me for an hour



(ok good night time. Bye.)

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This might be the greatest cat gif on the internet. 

Wait, how does i-how-watt?

This might be the greatest cat gif on the internet. 

Wait, how does i-how-watt?

(Source: grab-the-camera)

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(uh, not sure is askbox ate an ask.)

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generaltempest whispered,

(He hates her, but not as much as bloods lower than her’s. He will admit that she is good in a fight though. Due to recent events, his hate has grown stronger as well as his intimidation of her. He doesn’t like to be around her anymore, since she reminds him of something he’s rather forget and will easily get upset at her.)

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(He doesn’t know you too well, but thinks you are too kind and likes your blood colour.)

Send me a ‘★’ and I will tell you how my character feels about yours

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